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What Do We Offer

R Programming
Python Programming
Shiny Web App
Data Science and Machine Learning

StatsMaster offers assistance for individuals or corporate to leverage their works or business by using data.

Model Auditing

StatsMaster help our clients to audit their decision support systems to improve transparency and explainability.

Decision Support Systems Development

StatsMaster develop decision support system to create automated insight.

Pro Bono Projects

StatsMaster special project to help NGO, NPO and teachers understand their data, for free.


StatsMaster do private and in-house training program in statistical programming in R, Python and SQL for individuals or organizations/corporate.

Our Working Process

Our process on solving your problems.
  • 1. Prepare

    Do data pre-processing to gain more understanding.

  • 2. Analyze

    Analyzing data using open-source software and some best-practice models/methods.

  • 3. Optimize

    Choice the best model/method.

  • 4. Finalize

    Presenting our best result.


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    Meet Your Consultant

    A lifelong learner, versatilist, education enthusiast and career slasher. Experienced in both academic and non-academic reseaarch. His expertise include: Business Analytics, Game Analytics, Market Segmentation, Interpretable Machine Learning/Explanatory Model Analysis, etc.

    Raden Muhammad Hadi

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